Title translation: Loneliness brought them together.
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↳ Ghonghte Mein Chanda Hai (Koyla)

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"Can i just tell you i love your url?? Seriously its amazing!"

Thank you so much! :D


"Hey, Hero here, I'll be back on tumblr in a couple of months but I couldn't resist checking this blog. I read that review that bollymusings submitted and I've got to say, I can't disagree with really any of it! Especially the point about Bindya and Gauri, I never really thought about the dynamic between the two girls. If you ever have a spare moment, do you think you could treat us to your thoughts and some meta on Koyla's leading ladies?"

Hi Hero honey! :D I’m not sure if I can promise anything formal (or even anything in a timely fashion), but I do for sure wanna say that these two women are FABULOUS. They are strong and they protect each other and they protect Shankar, individually—it’s so interesting to me that they inadvertently create a silent alliance not just for themselves, but for Shankar too. He brings out the best in both of them and they do for him, as well. Bindiya is very important to both Shankar and Gauri (headcanon that they name their daughter after her) and to their development as characters/people.

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"If you have not already, then this is definitely worth a read! :) bollywoodfangirl(.)blogspot(.) cz/2010/03/koyla-or-mute-stable-boys-ftw(.)html"

Hey guys, check it out! Koyla love!

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"Hey Ky, I'm back on tumblr and wanted to ask... will we get to see more of your Koyla fanfic? I'm dying to read more perfection from you. P.S. That picture in red is absolutely gorgeous."

I’m so glad you’re back! That’s so exciting! :D As for the fic, I don’t know. :/ My Koyla muse is a bit bereft at the moment, but you can be assured that I’m keeping fanfiction in mind for it. :)

Re: P.S. Wow thank you! That was one of my favourites of anything I’ve ever done. ^_^

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Ky, it´s wonderful. And so moving.

Oh man thank you